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How to Drive Traffic to Your Company Website


As factors like e-commerce, mobile voice search, and broadband quality internet service on mobile devices continue to dominate, most business owners accept that a website is a business must. Yet, the existing 200 million active websites represent a very intense competitive landscape.

It can leave a business owner wondering how you can drive website traffic to your website. While you do face a lot of competition online, it’s less disastrous than you might imagine.

There are numerous strategies and tactics that will help you increase traffic to your business website. Keep reading for some of the more important ones that you should use.

Website Design

Website design plays a more important role than you might imagine. Modern internet users are unforgiving about websites that don’t meet their expectations. Some of the more common expectations include:

  • Fast load times
  • Easy navigation
  • Visually pleasing

While that last one can help keep visitors on your site, fast load times and easy navigation will routinely get the job done.

Quality Content

While a certain percentage of people do online searches with a buying mindset, many people are just testing the water. You need something that will attract people to your website and keep them there.

Quality content can take you a long way in both areas. Quality content ranks high with search engines, which improves the odds that your content will turn up in searches. That same quality will keep visitors on the site and encourage them to come back again and again until they are ready to buy.

Social Media

It’s a rare individual these days who doesn’t visit at least one social media site on a daily basis. Most people visit social media sites multiple times per day.

That means you have multiple opportunities every day to drive traffic to your site with social media posts.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a vastly underrated traffic driver for websites. You can use newsletters to promote products and services right in someone’s inbox.

Those promotions, when handled properly, can help drive website visitation.


No discussion of traffic is complete without a section on search engine optimization. SEO helps you shape your website and your content in ways that make search engines pay attention.

A good SEO campaign can help you drive traffic by focusing your site and content on specific topics and keywords that people search for.

You can head over here to see some SEO campaign examples.

Boosting Traffic to Your Company Website

The idea of boosting traffic to your company website can look like such a huge task that it’s intimidating at first. Don’t let the competition or wide range of tactics and strategies intimidate you.

Approach the process like any other task. Do one thing at a time.

Worry about issues like site design and quality content at first. Then, deal with email marketing and social media. Finally, consider a full-blown SEO campaign.

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