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Why are Dubai and UAE popular tourist destinations?

Dubai tour packages

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a well-liked vacation destination. You can find a wide range of genuinely remarkable structures in this country. Several landmark structures can be seen in this area. A further distinguishing feature of Dubai UAE is its luxurious culture.

Among the seven emirates, Dubai has the largest population and the most visitors. The Dubai tour packages are at the top of lists as the biggest in the world. It has a stunning panorama of the city skyline. It’s no secret that Indians and travelers from all over the world flock to Dubai. You may find the largest artificial island on the globe on Palm Jumeirah. Such attractions have made Dubai and UAE the most popular tourist destination in the world.


The BuriKhalifa, one of the Dubai tour packages, offers a breathtaking vista of the city below. Standing at 829 meters, it quickly takes the world’s tallest structure title. Buri means “building” in Thai, while Khalifa is the name of the leader of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Khalifa.

The BuriKhalifa’s elevator is among the world quickest, taking less than 2 minutes to travel the 125 stories to the Observation Deck on the 125th floor.

The Dubai Fountain, home to the world’s highest performing water display, and Burj Park, a tranquil oasis where activities like shopping and culinary festivals take place, can be found close to the BurjKhalifa.

Al Badayer desert

In the UAE, visitors can experience camel riding, tent camping, and buggy drifting in numerous world-renowned deserts. Explore the tranquil deserts and take in the gorgeous environment while gazing at the stars.

In addition, there are celebrations throughout the year where visitors may sample regional specialties and see performances like fire shows, belly dancing, and the traditional tanoura dance, in which men spin brightly colored skirts.

Jebel Jais Mountain

The Jebel Jais Mountains are another popular tourist attraction in Dubai tour packages. Visitors can hike, camp, bike, and take the breathtaking scenery. Located near Ras Al Khaimah, you can find the highest peak in all of the Dubai tour packages and the longest zipline in the world atop Jebel Jais Mountain.

Ferrari World Theme Parks 

You can find the Formula Rossa roller coaster and other thrilling attractions like go-karts and Ferrari automobile exhibitions at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, a Ferrari-themed park.

YasWaterworld, a well-regarded amusement park with exciting water attractions, is another choice for those looking to escape the heat. Dive Bahrain, the world’s largest underwater theme park, has a sunken Boeing 707 that skilled drivers can explore while scuba diving.

Not only that! The UAE is home to a wide variety of architectural marvels, including the world’s most slanted skyscraper, a 7-story oval-shaped structure known as the Museum of the Future, and many more. There are also numerous beautiful beaches and islands to unwind on, not to mention the traditional markets (Souq) and the opulent Dubai Mall, one of the world’s largest retail centers, and features an aquarium.

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