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5 Reasons why your AC is not cooling properly

5 Reasons why your AC is not cooling properly

5 Reasons why your AC is not cooling properly: The scorching heat of summer in Dubai isn’t appreciated by the people. Well, if your AC is not working in these conditions, it will ruin all your day. It’s better to consult AC Repair in Dubai. There can be several reasons why your AC is not cooling or working properly this summer.

Not everyone is fond of living in a room without AC, especially in summers. Moreover, AC is indispensable in UAE because it was a desert formerly. There can be minor to major problems in air conditioners, which can affect the cooling of your AC.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the reasons behind your AC isn’t working properly. Let’s dive into it.


Maintenance is an indispensable process that is performed by professionals. It can resolve most of the issues of your air conditioner, such as coils, condenser, fan, leakages, and many technical problems.

These problems are common and may be one of the reasons why your air conditioner is not cooling the room properly. You can consult any professional from AC Repair in Dubai company; they have hand-vetted engineers and workers working under their umbrella.

Sealed Air Filter

The clogged air filter can also be a problem. You can also do it by yourself or just consult any professional from AC Repair in Dubai. Moreover, if your air filter is not cleaned, the air can not pass it, which reduces the cooling process, thus resulting in the air conditioner not working or cooling your room.

Furthermore, you can also replace the air filter if you think it won’t work.

Heat Insulation

Make sure there is no possible entrance of white-hot lights in your room; it can affect your AC cooling ability in the room. Moreover, cover your windows with drapes, which protect your room from heat insulation.

Use LED lights, which can also save some bucks on your bill and will be good for your AC condition, rather than incandescent light.

Motor Fault

If the motor of the fan is not working properly, it won’t dissipate heat properly, which will affect the air conditioner in cooling the room. The fault is fixed by professionals only. As said above, you can contact AC Repair in Dubai to get your motor working again.

Uncleaned Coils

The condenser coil is an important part of the air conditioner; therefore, it should be clean properly. If the condenser coil is dirty or not cleaned properly, the air conditioner will not be cold enough, thus affecting the cooling ability.

Make sure you consult professionals for that to fix it properly.


5 Reasons why your AC is not cooling properly: The air conditioner makes your tiredness disappear, and you’ll be satirizing the product if it is not working. Maintenance, dirty coils, sealed air filter, and fault motors can be a problem, which stops your AC from cooling the room.

You can contact a professional from AC Repair in Dubai, which won’t take less than 1 hour to reach and fix the issue.

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